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FTV: A Slippery Slope

   One must tread carefully when making comments comparing the worth of employees in one profession to those in others. These days, any career involves some form of education, be it on the job, in a vocational program, or professional preparation. For one to truly understand what it takes to work in any field, the song […]

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FTV: Better Call Saul

      No, I am not talking about the TV show Better Call Saul.  I am talking about Saul Hudson.  Don’t ask me why, but I have always been fascinated with the real names of actors and musicians who are better known by their stage names.  Take Peter Horlebeeke, the singing drummer for one of Michigan’s […]

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The Living Great Lakes by Jerry Dennis

Greetings Great Lakes fans: I recently made contact with author Jerry Dennis about using a segment of his boot The Living Great Lakes in a future article.  Dennis graduated from Northern Michigan University and now lives in Traverse City, MI. When he answered my inquiry (affirmatively I should add), he also mentioned that The Living Great […]

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FTV: Columbia

Astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen stared out the aft window of the Space Shuttle Columbia as Crippen opened the two 60-foot-long payload doors.  This was a necessary step designed to expose the aluminum honeycomb radiator panels that would help regulate the spacecraft’s temperature. Beyond the open doors they could see some dark areas on […]

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