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FTV: Kenney Jones

  Here are three things I would not have normally associated with drummer Kenney Jones: the banjo, polo, or his donning an apron as a greengrocer.  The trick here is knowing exactly how these things fit into what would become a far reaching career playing the drums for some iconic bands stretching from the 1960s to […]

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FTV: Common Sense

    Foghorn Leghorn, the animated rooster, was given some of the pithiest lines in cartoondom.  Things like, “The boy’s got a mouth like a cannon, always shootin’ it off” regularly flowed from his beak.  His take on common sense was equally blunt: “The boy is about as sharp as a bowling ball” and “That boy is […]

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FTV: Gavin and Fred Part 3

      Parts 1 and 2 of this series covered how former Marquette educator Fred Rydholm came up with his theories as to the likely identity of the ancient copper miners and why I have been a disciple of this train of thought (a ‘Rydholmite’ if you will humor me here) since the early 1980s.  Even […]

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FRV: Gavin and Fred Part 2

      A quick recap is in order.  We began this series by introducing readers to two gentleman who managed to upset those who choose to believe that the history of North America began with the voyage of Christopher Columbus.  Retired Royale Navy navigator Gavin Menzies and former Marquette junior high science teacher Fred Rydholm have […]

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FTV: Gavin and Fred

      Quick – how many things do you think a retired British Naval navigator (Gavin) and a retired junior high science teacher (Fred) could have in common?  Both travelled extensively in their retirement years. They wrote multiple books. Ancient history is the common thread that stitched together the books they authored and their world travels. […]

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