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FTV: Frat Parties Part 2

   During the two years I played in Knockdown, we only played for one frat party.  We had our regular monthly three nighter at the NCO club (guitar player Ray was a Sergeant in accounting, so we had an inside track with the NCOs), numerous party dates at both the NCO and the Officer’s club, company […]

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FTV: Vincebus Eruptum

    Don’t go running for your old Latin textbook.  The quasi-Latin phrase Vincebus Eruptum is supposed to mean “We control chaos” and if San Francisco psychedelic rockers Blue Cheer had any say in the matter, it was going to be the name of their first album.  Recorded live in the studio, the six song set kicked […]

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FTV: DIY Recording

  In my archives, I have a old cassette tape dating back to early in my junior year of high school – somewhere around 1969.  It isn’t much to listen to because there is a lot of background noise, some snippets of dialog and the first (and unfortunately only) bit of music ever put down on […]

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