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FTV: Tatler 1970

      Is there a pivotal year in one’s four years of high school?  Freshman year is always a swirl of new activities and if one keeps their head down and eyes open, one can learn a lot from those mature upperclassmen.  Sophomore year is less of a mystery because at least some of the school […]

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FTV: Dan Rosandich

      Paging through the January 3, 2018 issue of Radio World, a bunch of cartoons jump off the page and caught my eye.  My first thought was, “This guy’s style reminds me a lot of Dan Rosandich’s work.  A glance at the articles byline told me why:  the cartoons were drawn by Rosandich and used […]

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FTV: Going Paperless

      The ecological implications of the phrase ‘going paperless’ are obvious but it somehow hasn’t worked out exactly as planned.  Admittedly, there are many organizations that give their members the ‘electronic delivery’ option.  Off the top of my head, local groups like The Friends of the Porkies and the Ontonagon County Historical Society come to […]

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FTV: Touring Report 1967

      It is the summer of 1967.   Herman’s Hermits and The Who are touring the United States.  Which band is the opener and which is the headliner?  This is a trick question because technically, the opening band was The Blues Magoos with The Who second on the bill and Peter Noones’ lightweight pop band Herman’s […]

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FTV: Waste not, want not

  Have you had a family grill out lately?  If you did, it was probably on a gas grill or a good old fashioned charcoal grill, which is my personal favorite.  Either way, we all owe a debt of thanks to Henry Ford for kick starting this little piece of Americana tradition.  When Ford’s Kingsford, Michigan […]

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