February 2, 2017

Wecome to WOAS-FM 88.5

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Station Contact Information:

701 Parker Ave.   Ontonagon, MI  49953


 Phone: 906 813 0614 Ext 113 or Ext 109

Welcome to YOUR SOUND CHOICE!  When one thing gets fixed . . . still working on a couple of sneaky little broadcast board problems that have proved to be more elusive than we first thought – going to have to bring in some professional help and finally admit that there ARE problems around here that I can’t fix on my own.  Sigh!  We are in the process of our second Strive 4 a Safer Drive campaign (Don’t be Distracted 2) and all radio station volunteers were again volunteered to be part of the effort.  We surprised ourselves last year when our initial campaign (and the only S4SD program run in the central and western UP) took 5th place honors in the state.  With 50 participating schools in the state of Michigan, we are pretty proud of the effort.  We won’t try to overdo it and go ‘bigger’ chasing a prize again – we will do our best and  hope that spreading the word about distracted driving makes a difference.

As long as our Weather Underground feed will accept a webcam, that is the latest project and we hope to have that up and running by the end of November December, or January . . . (big surprise here) liking like an April or May project now – darn snowbanks!  – we are STILL working on it but it gives us something to look forward to ;-).

If you are a regular listener, it would be great to hear from you – drop me an e-mail with the particulars (who are you, where do you live, and when you listen to WOAS-FM) at the address above.  We like to hear from our listeners and viewers.  The radio station will soon (and finally) have its’ own e-mail address.

Our Friends at the HomeGrownMusicNet (HGMN) gave us permission to share links to their streaming tunes.  Thanks Lee – also check out their website for great artist news and purchase opportunities: https://homegrownmusic.net/

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Ken Raisanen, Manager

Words to live by:

(Contemplating Hitler and Stalin in 1943):  “If the Leader says of such and such an event, ‘It never happened” – well it never happened.  If he says that two and two are five – well, two and two are five.  This prospect frightens me more than bombs.” – George Orwell  (and I guess we can also now worry about the bombs again – ker)

Harmonic Convergence:  Mankind’s second chance.  it is write large, somewhere: “in the cusp of converging ages, one blinding, holy moment of transcendence shall transform the zeitgeist with perfect synchronicity, into the pure, ineffable expression of indivisible oneness.” “- a Doonsebury Flashback to 1987 . . . now ponder this with regard to the current evolving political climate in the US of A . . .

“The best time to plan an oak tree was 25 years ago.  The second best time is today.”  James Carville

“Treat a person as he is, and he will remain as he is.  Great him as he could be, and he will become what he should be.”  (former Dallas Cowboys coach) Jimmy Johnson

“See, I have a rule and the rule is this:  You need to learn something new everyday. I try to learn something new about science, or math, or what creates certain kinds of weather.  I also like to learn something new about my craft every day.”   – Marvin Aday – aka Meatloaf 

“I don’t need newspapers, I get my news from the internet.  is just like saying,  I don’t need farmers, I get my food from the grocery store. ” –  from the Munising News (thank you to the ‘original Willie Peterson’)

“If you want to show everyone how smart you are, shut up once and a while” – Eddie R. Raisanen (and he said this long before anyone even heard of the Donald)

“Remember –  there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” -Scott Adams

“I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.”  – HAL 9000

“When the politicians complain that TV turns their proceedings into a circus, it should be made plain that the circus was already there, and that TV has merely demonstrated that not all the performers are well trained.”  – Edward R. Morrow

“We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men . . .” -Edward R. Morrow on Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy – {he could have said that today!}

“Humans do have an amazing capacity for believing what they choose and excluding that which is painful.”  – Mr Spock (as played by Leonard Nimoy in the original Star Trek series

“You do what you can for as long as you can, and when you finally can’t, you do the next best thing.  You back up but you don’t give up.”  – General Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager 

“When I was a young man, I was told success had to come in my youth.  I found this to be a myth.  My experiences have taught me that if you deeply believe in what you are doing, success can come at any age.”  – Abe Vigoda

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods;  they have not forgotten this.” – Terry Pratchett

“Why don’t they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything?  If it works as well as Prohibition did, in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth.”   – Will Rogers

“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  – Albert Einstein

“Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”  – Bill Waterson (“Calvin and Hobbes”)

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.”  – Gandhi

“It’s not going to do any good to land on Mars if we’re stupid.” – Ray Bradbury

“Truth may be stranger than fiction, as goes the old saw, but it is never as strange as lies.” – John Hodgeman

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clark

About the top piece video:  As we did last year, we are letting Sir Paul provide the theme music for our Strive 4 a Safer Drive campaign – Don’t be Distracted 2 (DbD2)