Monthly Archives: February 2019

FTV: Better Call Saul

      No, I am not talking about the TV show Better Call Saul.  I am talking about Saul Hudson.  Don’t ask me why, but I have always been fascinated with the real names of actors and musicians who are better known by their stage names.  Take Peter Horlebeeke, the singing drummer for one of Michigan’s […]

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The Living Great Lakes by Jerry Dennis

Greetings Great Lakes fans: I recently made contact with author Jerry Dennis about using a segment of his boot The Living Great Lakes in a future article.  Dennis graduated from Northern Michigan University and now lives in Traverse City, MI. When he answered my inquiry (affirmatively I should add), he also mentioned that The Living Great […]

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FTV: Winter Travel

  When Mother Nature serves up a particularly violent weather event, it will undoubtedly get the tag ‘100 year’ attached to it.  In the summer of 2018, the Houghton / Hancock area experienced a 100 year flood that caused extensive damage all across Houghton County.  The only reason the city of Hancock escaped worse damage was […]

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