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FTV: Klaatu

      Perhaps you have seen the cover of the album Goodnight Vienna.  It pays homage to the 1951 Sci-fi classic movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.  There in the doorway of the prototypical 1950’s flying saucer stands the nine-foot tall robot Gort.  Next to him, with helmet tucked under the arm of his silvery […]

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FTV: The Great Ballantine

    Warning:  If you are able to identify the person named in the title above,  you are about to confront an age old conundrum. (or perhaps it is an old age conundrum).  It goes like this: If you make a cultural reference and no one else in the room has any idea what you are talking […]

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From the Vaults: ElonX.2

      Rumor has it that Robert Downey, Jr. used Elon Musk as his template for the billionaire industrialist playboy Tony Stark (see Stan Lee’s Marvel Universe under ‘A’ for Avengers and ‘I’ for Iron Man).  Certainly there are differences:  Stark has Pepper Potts, amazing holographic computer technology, no children, and, of course, there is that […]

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Playing for Change

Greetings – Just got the newest PLAYING for CHANGE CD – while we don’t normally push listeners and readers into causes, this is one that we can’t help but wave the flag for.  If you caught one of the first versions of this concept (Stand By Me was the first one I recall seeing some […]

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FTV: Gerry Rafferty

      According to his friend John Byrne, Gerry Rafferty, “Went through hell and arrived at his final destination with a sense of peace and fulfilment, but what a journey.”  Occasional singing partner Barbara Dickson said, “He liked having money and status, and why shouldn’t he have done it? He had a image of himself being […]

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FTV: Tatler 1970

      Is there a pivotal year in one’s four years of high school?  Freshman year is always a swirl of new activities and if one keeps their head down and eyes open, one can learn a lot from those mature upperclassmen.  Sophomore year is less of a mystery because at least some of the school […]

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