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FTV: Klaatu

      Perhaps you have seen the cover of the album Goodnight Vienna.  It pays homage to the 1951 Sci-fi classic movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.  There in the doorway of the prototypical 1950’s flying saucer stands the nine-foot tall robot Gort.  Next to him, with helmet tucked under the arm of his silvery […]

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FTV: The Great Ballantine

    Warning:  If you are able to identify the person named in the title above,  you are about to confront an age old conundrum. (or perhaps it is an old age conundrum).  It goes like this: If you make a cultural reference and no one else in the room has any idea what you are talking […]

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From the Vaults: ElonX.2

      Rumor has it that Robert Downey, Jr. used Elon Musk as his template for the billionaire industrialist playboy Tony Stark (see Stan Lee’s Marvel Universe under ‘A’ for Avengers and ‘I’ for Iron Man).  Certainly there are differences:  Stark has Pepper Potts, amazing holographic computer technology, no children, and, of course, there is that […]

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From the Vaults: ElonX

 “About four hours before a launch, the Falcon 9 starts getting filled with an immense amount of liquid oxygen and rocket-grade kerosene.  Some of the liquid oxygen vents out of the rocket as it awaits launch and is kept so cold that it boils off on contact with the metal and air, forming white plumes […]

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FTV: The Big Carp Pond – Part 2

    In Part 1, we examined several ways that opening the Great Lakes to an ecological invasion of species began with the earliest attempts to ease transport of goods from the Atlantic Coast inland.  Using Dan Egan’s book The Death and Life of the Great Lakes as a guide, we looked at how opening the door, […]

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From the Vaults: The Big Carp Pond

       Prior to 1900, the Chicago River flowed into Lake Michigan carrying with it a feted cargo of sewage from the growing metropolis of the same name.  Lake Michigan also served as the Chicago’s source of drinking water. The movers and shakers in the city decided the best way to solve their sewage/fresh water problem […]

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