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FTV: Bikes!

       My first two wheeler bike was a small green hand me down with training wheels.  After a very short time watching me wobble along on the gravel street in front of our house, my dad pulled the old, “Let’s take off the training wheels and I will hold on to the seat until you […]

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FTV: Coming Full Circle

       It was great to see the Ontonagon/ETC football cooperative claw their way to a spot in the 8-man football playoffs in 2017.  The 2018 season was a little rockier, but Coach Ben Mayer’s charges still played some good football. Scoring in 8-man football can come in bunches, but there were enough golden moments to […]

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FTV: Dog Part II

       Here is the abbreviated description of Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman’s life before he became a reality TV star known as Dog the Bounty Hunter:   Street rat, Devil’s Disciple motorcycle gang member, vacuum cleaner salesman, manual laborer, convict, ex-con, truck driver, vacuum salesman (part two),  successful business owner (bail bondsman and bounty hunter), a […]

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FTV: Dog the Bounty Hunter

       Having recently read You Can Run But You Can’t Hide (by Duane “Dog” Chapman with Laura Morton – 2007 Hyperion), I couldn’t help but notice the things that Dog Chapman and I have in common.  We are both male and were born in 1953. That is it. When his Dog the Bounty Hunter show […]

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FTV: Apollo 11: 50 Years On

  On Sunday July 13, 1969, the Russian space program launched a robotic craft toward the Moon called Luna 15.  It was not a coincidence that this craft would be in orbit two days ahead of NASA’s first attempt at a manned lunar landing with the Apollo 11 mission.  Clearly, the Russians were going to attempt […]

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