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FTV: Coming Full Circle

       It was great to see the Ontonagon/ETC football cooperative claw their way to a spot in the 8-man football playoffs in 2017.  The 2018 season was a little rockier, but Coach Ben Mayer’s charges still played some good football. Scoring in 8-man football can come in bunches, but there were enough golden moments to […]

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FTV: Dog Part II

       Here is the abbreviated description of Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman’s life before he became a reality TV star known as Dog the Bounty Hunter:   Street rat, Devil’s Disciple motorcycle gang member, vacuum cleaner salesman, manual laborer, convict, ex-con, truck driver, vacuum salesman (part two),  successful business owner (bail bondsman and bounty hunter), a […]

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FTV: Dog the Bounty Hunter

       Having recently read You Can Run But You Can’t Hide (by Duane “Dog” Chapman with Laura Morton – 2007 Hyperion), I couldn’t help but notice the things that Dog Chapman and I have in common.  We are both male and were born in 1953. That is it. When his Dog the Bounty Hunter show […]

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FTV: Apollo 11: 50 Years On

  On Sunday July 13, 1969, the Russian space program launched a robotic craft toward the Moon called Luna 15.  It was not a coincidence that this craft would be in orbit two days ahead of NASA’s first attempt at a manned lunar landing with the Apollo 11 mission.  Clearly, the Russians were going to attempt […]

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FTV: The UFO Files

      Are there unexplained things in the Universe?  The short answer to this question would no doubt be, “Ummm, yeah!” and judging by the number of “Unexplained this” and “Paranormal that” programs that dot the airwaves, the unknown is doing a healthy business.  Toss in books, magazines, movies, and a zillion web pages devoted to […]

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